Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions before you donate

It’s easy. Fill out our donation form and our donation coordinator will contact you shortly. You may also call (888) 320-1414 and submit your information via telephone.
We accept most cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs, machinery and equipment. We also accept aircraft and real estate.

You must have a lien free title in your possession before the vehicle or boat can be picked up. Other pieces of information you will need are:

– The Year, Make, and Model of your donation.

– The Mileage of the Vehicle, or Hours on a Boat.

– The VIN # or Serial Number found on your Title Registration

No. We will pick up your vehicle or boat donation anywhere in the United States or Canada, free of charge.
You will be contacted, and we will arrange to have your donation picked up at a time convenient for you. The pick up usually happens within one to two business days. Same or next-day pick up is often possible for emergency situations. All pick ups are done by licensed and insured companies. Please remember to remove your license tags.
The donor must sign their signature on the sellers line of the title. The name on the title must be the same as the signature on the sellers line. Please call (888) 320-1414 and we will help walk you through filling out your title.
All donations are sold through the internet, auctions, licensed dealers, and brokers.
KOA Care Camps is a not-for-profit, 501 (c)(3) charitable corporation. The IRS allows you, the taxpayer, to claim a tax deduction of (a) the value of your vehicle up to $500, or (b) if we sell the vehicle for more than $500, we will send you the required IRS documents that will allow you to deduct the full value we sold it for. In Canada, with an appraisal, a donor may deduct their fair market value for their donation.

We send you the following:

– A Receipt of Donation, listing what and when you donated

– An IRS 8283 Form for tax purposes

– A KOA Care Camps Brochure

– A Personal Acknowledgement of Donation Letter

– An Odometer Statement for you to fill out and return to us in the provided envelope

Please visit for more information on how your donation will assist children with cancer attend specialized care camps throughout the USA and Canada.
That’s easy.. yes! If you are interested in being a KOA Care Camps volunteer, please call, and a KOA Care Camps staff member will welcome speaking with you.
They are held at various locations around North America , as KOA campgrounds do not have the facilities needed to offer specialized treatments and otherwise accommodate the unique needs of children with cancer.
The camps we support are not affiliated with either KOA or KOA Care Camps. Each is independently owned and operated.
One hundred percent of all donations go to fulfill our mission of helping send kids with cancer to camp and supporting medically supervised camps. All administrative fees are covered by other resources, so every dollar donated can go directly to supporting Care Camps.
We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about sponsoring or partnering with KOA Care Camps.  Please contact us for additional information.